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Over one year in the making, we took over a former MOT station, garage depot and MOT station for our new home, RAMONA

The 15,000 square foot site used to be E&A motor services. The site gives us two large warehouse style buildings packed and a tree lined forecourt.  There are mechanical details, roller shutter, garage doors and large airy skylights.  

Our plan, if the world doesn’t completely implode, is to open in early 2021 and by the summer the site will house a Detroit Pizzeria & Bakery, Margarita Bar, Wood Grill, Beer Garden, Coffee Counter and stage.   

The first part of Ramona to open will be the Detroit Pizzeria & Bakery. Known as the Motorcity or MoTown, Detroit pizza was created when some bright spark working in one of the big car factories asked a pizzeria to use a motor oil pan to cook a pizza in. 

The rectangular deep pan, crispy Detroit pizza was born.


Detroit is known as the more indulgent pizza. We first discovered it on trips to NYC and LA and we haven’t stopped making it at and eating it since.  When we found out a former garage was available in the Ancoats, we knew this would be the perfect home for Detroit Pizza made in Manchester.

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