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RAMONA LIVE – Rumba De Bodas

Formed in 2008 by eight young Bolongnese, Rumba de Bodas was not just about music than also chasing one adventure after the other. Keeping that in mind this caravan left for Europe, equipped with van and tents, and start playing expolsive shows all over the place. Featuring Ska, Funk, Latin vibes, Swing and many more it doesn’t matter what style is played but how it can be used taking the crowd to another level of movement. Standing on all kind of stages, but never losing the roots to street music to subvert the public order and making some cash, their tours became more consistent and even close to the borders of the continent, which led to participations in important Festivals like Boomtown Fair, Fusion Festival, Edinburgh Jazz Festival, Cous Cous Festival, Ireland Party, Montreux Jazz Festival. Shaping the formation (from eight to seven) and their sound (after “Just married” in 2012 and “Karneval Fou” in 2014) it’s up to this period to reveal their recent recording effort “Super Power” which comes out on Irma Records.


May 25 2023


8:00 pm

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Ancoats, Manchester
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