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The second party of the Disc Break Radio Station Launch double-header weekend! Joining us to spin some exquisite soulful selections is Andrea Trout (Eves’Drop Collective, Reform Radio). BIO: Andrea Ahimie-Carthy may tell you she spins for fun- but don’t let that fool you. A lack of the usual ego associated with those serious chaps who stand behind turntables making equally serious faces while tweaking their beards, makes her prone to underestimate a passionate, educated, heartfelt and un-hackneyed approach to music. With deep house, disco, soul and funk at its core, Andrea’s open mindedness impacts on inevitably unhinged dancers and beard stroking listeners alike. She’d tell you too she has no interest in mixing, but her natural ability to put the records in the right order (and there is only ever one right order) so that those dancers and strokers can hear her story makes her one of the finest and most underestimated DJs Manchester has. There are precious few who can join the dots from new house to treasured boogie classics without struggling, worrying about perceptions of their cool or making a mess. Andrea makes it work every time because she feels it. Playing under the moniker Trout for most of the time this has not gone unnoticed. A typical review remarked, ‘hear a diversity of sounds from ‘80s soul to Brook Benton by way of good pop and funk from the future’


Oct 01 2023


6:00 pm

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Ancoats, Manchester
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